Friday , 4 December 2020

Cool Nails Design

Easy Nail Art Ideas And Tutorials

Nail decoration is a wonderful world full of beautiful ideas. Every year new trends emerge. In this article we will present several nail designs- Simple ideas you can make at home. Check out the ideas we have for you. Get inspired. Decorating Nail Design Ideas There are options for all styles and tastes. Choose the best option for you. Images …

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Baby Shower Nails- Tutorial & Ideas

Baby shower is a very common celebration, it is the perfect time for the future mom to live with her friends and receive gifts for her baby. Baby shower preparation includes some preparations such as invitations, decorations and party favors. The future mom should be beautiful on her special day, attention will be focused on her. It is important to …

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Fruit Nails- 20 Ideas

Fruit nails are a trend. Perfect for use on warmer days, they also rock on colder days. Fruit nails are a great option that can be done at home. There are many options and each one more beautiful. If you like to give your nails more color, then the fruit nails are perfect. Check out some ideas and tips. Easy …

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Nails for Christmas Step by Step

Christmas is a special magical time. The decoration of the houses fills with joy. More and more women choose to decorate their nails with the Christmas theme. Santa, reindeer, snowman, star are elements you can use to decorate your nails this Christmas Check out some decorated Christmas nail ideas you can do at home. DIY Christmas Nails Follow the step …

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Mermaid Decorated Nails

Mermaids are beings that are part of our imagination. The mermaid’s image and its tail are an inspiration in the world of fashion and decoration. They are also an inspiration to your nail nail inspirations. We have separated some tips and step by step how to make mermaid nails. Mermaid Nail Ideas The dominant colors are blue and green but …

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