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Tenshi nails for those who do not know the stickers are printed that are applied to the nails mimicking perfectly decorated nails. Several brands in the market today offer this type of nail, but it remains unclear how these nails. Check out the following tips on how to do nails tenshi step by step and in fashion goes over this news.

A brand that offers this type of nail is Eliana has a variety of colors, designs and patterns as floral prints, animal prints, geometric prints, sparklers, etc.. You can buy branded products through the site, ideal for those who live far from urban centers and not have to wait to get your city. Each pack of 24 adhesive nail Tenshi with costs on average £ 12.99. A good economical option for those who make the nail often.

The durability of the product nail is about a week and, being adhesive, can be used by anyone who is allergic to nail polish, as well as being an economical option for those who do not give up nails have always done well. There is still a basis of the same mark used to secure the nail is not Denshi hypoallergenic, which helps to keep the nails for 15 days.

But, how to apply them, there are several web photos step by step how to apply the nails tenshi, as well as video tutorials on You Tube. Packaging of the nail Eliana Tenshi no instructions on how to apply the nail including photos.

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Nails Tenshi Walkthrough

First step, choose which type of adhesive you will want to apply, check the chart nails which have more or less the exact size of your nail, but if it gets bigger than your fingernail, the secret of manicures and sanding the edge of the adhesive and highlight it and then applying it, use chopsticks used to remove excess glaze to fix the adhesive on the nail, especially on the sides. Sanding the tips get the product. The base enamel is applied over the adhesive to set and help last longer nails. For convenience, you can watch the video below that shows perfectly how to put the nails. Also check out the following several photos for you to see the various models that have in the market to buy.

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