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Be it the Pink painted, well shaped, long nails, or the trim and short, square ones, or even the blunt and bald pinhead tips, nails speak volumes about you as an individual - neat, unkempt or simply shabby!

Be it the mega event you are participating in or the big fat wedding ceremony, be it a business meeting or just any other day, nails require neither reason nor timing to be perfect! They just have to be presentable at all times, and all days.

Nails reveal your disposition, play a prominent role in making that first impression, clinching the all important business deal or even reminding you of the state of your health at the moment.

Whether you are the shabby and disorganized type, or the suave and polished types, if you are the creative and outgoing or simply shy and reticent, can be gauged through your nails! You may have the best of the dresses and accessories, but if your nails are unclean, everything else takes a backseat.

There is more to healthy and pink nails than regular manicures and pedicures. It's more to do with your diet and nutrition. How?

  1. Diet
  2. Things you can do


- Firstly, a well balanced diet is the key to healthy, strong, pink nails. Fruits and vegetables, plenty of water, fruit juices and regular meals will provide you with the essential nutrients required to maintain the health of nails. There is no one nutrient that takes care of nails in totality. Nails require everything in optimal portions.

- Lack of Vitamin A and Calcium can lead to dryness and brittleness of nails.

- Lack of proteins causes white bands to appear on nails.

- Insufficient zinc can cause development of white spots on nails.

- A deficiency of Folic acid and vitamin C can lead to hangnails.


Things you can do

Stop biting and let them grow

Yes, some childhood habits do get tough to give up, but if this is getting tougher, then it would never be easy to get healthy nails. Now you decide which side of the fence you want to be are on? But know that even if you don't bite your nails, placing them in contact with saliva weakens the nail. This is because fingernails are a hard protein substance, but they are not impervious to the caustic nature of saliva.

Trim your nails regularly

This small little 10 minute task can actually give you an everlasting impression. Regular trimming of nails, may be twice a week, can keep them in the right shape, keep them from haphazard growth and keep them neat and tidy.

Start at the same length

Keep all your nails, the same length so that they start growing simultaneously and look equal and standard.

So, the next time think twice before putting your fingers into your mouth and before venturing out with shabby, unkempt nail. Instead, stay healthy and let your nails talk for you!

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