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25+ Gold nails art

Gold is the color of wealth, gold is one of the most valuable metals in the world. Now you can use this color on your nails. The golden decorated nails are perfect to highlight your hands. Perfect for everyday use, but also for special occasions. They match all nail styles, sizes and shapes. For those who love different nails we …

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Easter Nail Designs- Ideas and step by step

Easter is a special festival, as such, the chosen look should be inspired by the occasion. Easter-inspired nails are wonderful. The nails decorated for Easter are inspired by various symbols associated with this season. Among the biggest inspirations are eggs and rabbits, but also flowers and chicks. Check out some nail art ideas for Easter. Get inspired by our suggestions. …

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Tie Dye Nails- The Trend of the Moment

Tie dye is present in many elements, in particular, clothes from t-shirts, dresses, but also in decorated nails. The pattern looks wonderful on the nails. Tie-dye is an artistic fabric dyeing technique that can be done in different ways and can also be used on your nails. Check here some models of decorated nails tie dye. You leave a video …

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Japanese Nail Designs- 20 Models

The Japanese are masters of the art of exaggeration, they quickly set trends, some people like it, others hate it. It’s all about taste. Decorated nails are one of the great passions of Japanese women who are always looking for new and innovative ideas. Japanese decorated nails are very different nails from what we are used to seeing. Japanese Nail …

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25+ Polka Dot Nails Ideias

The nails decorated with polka dots are wonderful. The balls make the nails very cute. The balls are a bit trendy and the nails are a big trend. A modern option with a retro twist Polka dots can be applied differently to your nails. Check out some of the ideas that separate us for you. Easy Polka Dot Nails For …

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