Thursday , 3 December 2020

Cool Nails Design

Best Ombre Nail Ideas

Ombre-decorated nails are a nail trend that promises to continue upwards for years to come. The ombré effect is made using several shades of the same color, the end result are beautiful and wonderful nails. In this article we will present various models of shoulder nails. An opportunity to be inspired. Ombré Decorated Nail Ideas Check out the video with …

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Cute Watermelon Nails

Fruit-decorated nails are a perfect choice for warmer days. Here we leave some beautiful ideas. But watermelon is the fruit that stands out in the nail universe. With a perfect color combination the watermelon allows to make unique and special nails. Check out the watermelon nail designs we have for you. Cute Watermelon Slice Nail Art Watermelon Nail Ideas Images …

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New Year Nails- 20+ Wonderful Ideas

New Year’s Eve is coming. It’s a special time when we renew our energies and desires. This is one of the most special nights of the year. It’s time to start planning your look for the night. It is important to welcome the new year with good energy and style. Whether it’s a private party with family and friends, it’s …

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Decorated Toenails Ideas

Beautiful and well-groomed toenails are increasingly a women’s choice, especially for showing off in open footwear. On warmer summer days the feet are more visible and some color needs to be added. The fashion of decorated nails is not just about fingernails, decorated toenails are a good option. The toenails can be decorated with different styles, colors, simple or with …

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Nails Decorated with Blue Color

The color blue is a favorite of women when decorating nails, this color is perfect because it can be used on any occasion. They are perfect for everyday use and on more formal occasions. There are lots of shades of blue, from the lightest to the darkest. The hardest thing will be choosing just one blue tone, there are so …

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