Saturday , 1 October 2022

Cool Nails Design

Border Nail- Wonderful Models and Tutorial

The latest trend in nail decoration is border nails. A different and creative option for those who like new ideas. Every year there are news and new methods for decorating nails and bonder nails are a success. Border nails are bordered nails, the nail is divided into two zones: the nail blade and its edge. Check out border nails models …

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Mosaic Simple Easy Nail Art Ideas

Mosaic nails are a creative and original alternative for those who like to innovate. With different designs, shapes and colors there are options for all styles and tastes. Mosaic nails are inspired by the tiles and are perfect for colorful and different nails. Mosaic nails can be used at any time. They are perfect for everyday use and special occasions. …

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Black Decorated Nails- 25+ Best Ideas

Black is a classic. Black is perfect for beautiful decorated nails. It combines with various styles and various occasions. You can use it in your daily life and also for more formal occasions like weddings or other parties where you need to take special care with your look. Black nails are always a wise option. There are many options from …

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Best Ombre Nail Ideas

Ombre-decorated nails are a nail trend that promises to continue upwards for years to come. The ombré effect is made using several shades of the same color, the end result are beautiful and wonderful nails. In this article we will present various models of shoulder nails. An opportunity to be inspired. Ombré Decorated Nail Ideas Check out the video with …

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Cute Watermelon Nails

Fruit-decorated nails are a perfect choice for warmer days. Here we leave some beautiful ideas. But watermelon is the fruit that stands out in the nail universe. With a perfect color combination the watermelon allows to make unique and special nails. Check out the watermelon nail designs we have for you. Cute Watermelon Slice Nail Art Watermelon Nail Ideas Images …

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