Animal Print Decorated Nails

Decorated Nails Animal Print

The Decorated Nails Animal Print are more than in trendy high, these nails are different models with the same beautiful and well, so that every day that passes more and more people are interested in this decor.

But today you will check how to do in a way much easier and much more quiet, so keep an eye on our tips and tricks and learn how to do animal print nails step by step.

Before the nails with animal print designs were made​​, and that a lot more work, so we had to do in the dining room or even try to do at home.

Ttoday we have the nail stickers, and they are great to be applied in nails and the result you already know, is great and differentiated, so be sure to check the models and tips that we brought.

  1. Tips on how to make Decorated Nails Animal Print
  2. Decorated Nails Animal Print Ideas

Tips on how to make Decorated Nails Animal Print

  • To make these nails you will only need a glaze of your favorite color, brightness and also a pack of stickers;
  • You can create the effect on all your nails, as well as in only one, because it is fashionable to famous nail only daughter, consisting of a nail paint only different (usually the nail ring, but not a rule);
  • After you have applied the polish you put the patch and with the help of pliers you remove the remnants of the adhesive, if the corners;
  • To finish just past the glitz and ready their new Animal Print Nails Decorated are prontíssimas.

They can also be made ​​with the same glaze, designed, but the more work and requires a high cordeação motor, but the result of nails decorated animal print is sensational.


Models Decorated Nails Animal Print show how much variety there is in this decoration, each model more beautiful and more stylish than the other. And as previously mentioned you can do all the nails, as well as in only one, which is on the ring finger.

Below separated several pictures of Decorated Nails Animal Print to inspire you in your model, nails are modern and differentiated, then pays you invest in them and have an option to do nail decorated.

Decorated Nails Animal Print Ideas

decorated nails animal print decorated nails animal print 1 decorated nails animal print 2 decorated nails animal print 3 decorated nails animal print 4 decorated nails animal print 5 decorated nails animal print 6 decorated nails animal print 7 decorated nails animal print 8 decorated nails animal print 9 decorated nails animal print 10 decorated nails animal print 11 decorated nails animal print 12 decorated nails animal print 13


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