Caviar Nails step-by-step

Caviar Nails

Have you heard the caviar to the nails? This is the material used to make the decoration of nails caviar. Are small balls of different colors and textures, that by joining in with the nails will look like with a caviar.

There are different ways to make this technique. We prefer to use the trend to apply only daughter caviar nails, as well as the decor is more discreet. We opted for the enamel colors taupe and black, a classic combination that goes well for all women.

To make the technique of decorating nails caviar, you'll need a pot of caviar for nails (average R $ 4.00 pot) and two different colors of enamels creamy.

If you do not find the caviar to decorate nails in cosmetic stores of your city, you can do like us and buy online in cosmetic stores online.

We chose Jackie Impala (average R $ 3.00) for every nail enamel and Black Lingerie Revlon (average price U.S. $ 19.00) for the only child on the ring finger.

You also need a basic colorless, a saucer or piece of paper, cotton stick and nail polish remover. These materials are easily found in cosmetic stores, pharmacies and supermarkets. Check out the caviar we choose and glazes we use to apply the technique.

  1. DIY Caviar Nails
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DIY Caviar Nails

The first step is to apply two coats of enamel chosen to use most of the nails, except only daughter. Then rub two layers of glaze to the only daughter in the ring finger and wipe off the excess with cotton, toothpick and acetone.

That done, apply a generous layer of the colorless base only daughter and throw the balls of caviar until the nail is completely covered.

Apply the pellets alone where there are gaps. To ensure the establishment of its decoration is necessary to use your finger to flick the balls under the glaze. This step is important for the caviar based nail. The application is similar to nail Velvet.

To finish nails caviar, wipe the excess and wait for complete drying. The top coat can be applied only to the tips of the nails, such as a mini francesinha to increase the durability of their decoration.

Check out the following video explaining the step-by-step how to make caviar nails and make yourself decorating with caviar nail on every finger or just the only child with the colors of your choice.

Caviar Nails Ideas

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