Decorated Glitter Nails

Decorated Glitter Nails

The nails are decorated most successful among women, and every day the market is innovating enamels and growing increasingly.

The nails decorated with glitter arrived a little while ago, but they won women and here to stay. Check out tips and how to make nail decorated with glitter step by step and be gorgeous with this model super creative and beautiful nail art.

The nails are decorated with glitter for women with attitude, and daring women who like to draw attention wherever they go, after all these nails are not just normal nails, they complete the look of the modern woman, are like an accessory part.

  1. Glitter Nails
    1. First of all you will need the following materials
  2. How to make your nails decorated
  3. Decorated Glitter Nails Ideas

Glitter Nails

Nails with glitter are also very cool to be used in the club, at parties or that special occasion.

The effect of enamel on the nail with glitter is fantastic, it passes a three dimensional view, as if the nail was actually with several layers of overlapping colors.

The glazes that have more of this 'folder' coming to do the drawing of a bow on the nail, giving the effect of a rainbow, forming a burst of color, is really cool!

Now for step by step to make your nails decorated with glitter.

decorated glitter nails gold decorated glitter nails white decorated glitter nails purple decorated glitter nails pink

First of all you will need the following materials

  • Acetone
  • Enamels
  • Enamel with glitter
  • Toothpicks nail
  • Sponge
  • Cotton
  • Top Coat

How to make your nails decorated

With a manicure done and have basic colorless nail.

Pass a glaze with the color of your choice.

After the first coat to dry, apply the glaze with glitter direct the sponge (if necessary remove the excess on a paper) and start hitting the sponge tip of the nail to the end, making an effect degrede, and do not worry if the drawing is looking blurred, this is normal and concertaremos that little problem at the end.

Clean the corners with the toothpick, cotton and acetone and finally apply the top coat to protect your design and add a beautiful glow, causing blurriness that skirt.

To help you learn how to do these nails decorated, split a video here that shows step by step how to do nails decorated with glitter, check out the following:

Now that you know how to do nails decorated, apart several photos here to inspire you and make your also this tendency to be super trendy among women.

Decorated Glitter Nails Ideas

decorated glitter nails ideas decorated glitter nails gold decorated glitter nails french decorated glitter nails bride decorated glitter nails blue decorated glitter nails 4 decorated glitter nails 3 decorated glitter nails 2 decorated glitter nails 1



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