20+ Gradient Nails

Gradient Nails

The Gradient Nails are the latest in fashion trends nail decorated. If you are wanting to make this model that is doing quite hit among the ladies, learn here how to Gradient Nails step by step, it's easier than you think.

The Nails in gradient are beautiful and you can check out a walkthrough explaining how to, videos to not have time to make mistake and photos of decorated nails in gradient to inspire you in the most beautiful models nail time to do.

The Gradient Nails are the latest in fashion trends, these nails are great for use in all seasons, it is enough that you change the tone enamel suiting up with the colors of the season.

So you who cherish the art of decorating nails, keep an eye on the post today and learn how to do nails at Gradient, and let your nails within the fashion trends.

You certainly must have seen several women using Gradient Nails in, and this decoration is really high and is also well differentiated, so be sure to check how to do nails on Gradient step by step, you will surely realize do in your nails and can use to go anywhere. It is always good to work similar colors to make this nail so that the effect becomes even well differentiated.

  1. Gradient Nails step by step
  2. Pictures of Nails Decorated in Gradient

Gradient Nails step by step

In addition to how-to tips on Gradient Nails decorated we also brought some photos of models in Gradient Nails for you to see how is the end result. So let's first learn how to do these nails, follow the tips step by step:

- The first step is always to prepare the nails usually sanding, polishing and removing cuticles;

- After that the next step is to decide what are the colors that will be used to create the effect, choose similar tones, for example, use a dark green and light green, and so on;

- The first layer of enamel will always be lighter, you can spend two to three layers, until the glaze becomes capping the nail, then it will vary greatly from glaze to glaze;

- After you passed the layer clearer you will pass the darker layer only at the tips, and to give the greatest effect use a bushing to let enamel more assimilated with the other, tighten the chuck on the tip of the nail and allow to dry;

- To finish just spend a gloss glaze nail.

As the vast majority of women are not professionals, are always some doubts in time for hands-on and make a model of different nail you never did, for that split here some videos teaching how to make gradient nails step by step to facilitate learning, so you can closely observe techniques and make yourself perfectly. Check out the videos we parted:

Now that you've learned how to do nails decorated in gradient, check out several photos that will help you choose the best combination of form and color for you to put into practice on your nails.

Pictures of Nails Decorated in Gradient

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