Nails decorated with floral print

nails decorated with floral print

The decorated nails do not go out of fashion because they are forever renewing themselves. The variety of designs is amazing and depends on the imagination of the manicure, but preferred women are always flowers. Understanding why is easy: the florets are delicate and so leave the nails superfemininas.

How love nail polish and we are already preparing for the summer, we took the fever of floral prints on fabrics, clothes and accessories to make decorated nails. The Taster Tips fingernails decorated with delicate roses in muted colors that leave nails with a vintage flair and closely resemble the patterns of romantic dresses, shoes and handbags that are trendy.

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How do nails decorated with floral print

To make your nails decorated with floral print had to be calm and quite firmly in the hands. So no rush!

The blue enamel (Marina, the Impala) was chosen as the basis to give more prominence to decorate with small flowers, but you can use any color you want.

With the help of a specific brush to decorate your nails, make four drops with a pink enamel (here we use the Confeti, the Impala) and then make circular motions to form a delicate flower.

Done this on all nails, choose a glaze with a pink tinge softer (ours is the ruffles, the Impala) or white to complete the inside of the two drawings making little flower-shaped "C".

With a green glaze, make the sprigs of pink and ready!

Photos of nails decorated with floral print

The floral nail can be done on every finger or if you prefer a more discreet, do only the ring finger (nail only daughter).

We set up a special gallery here at Tester with suggestions of nails decorated with floral pattern of different colors and styles. Just check and copy or create your own "stamp nail."

Another tip is to bet on the bumper nails with delicate prints, the result is also amazing!

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