Saturday , 25 January 2020
Nail Art Using Scotch Tape

16 Awesome Nail Art Designs You Can Create Using Scotch Tape

If you don’t have a steady hand, creating intricate nail designs is practically mission impossible. What’s the solution? Scotch tape! By using tape, you can easily create multiple nail looks, without the end result looking like a Pinterest nail fail. The lines are so clean, people will think you went to a salon! Nail Art Designs You Can Create Using …

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Dry Watercolor Marble Nails

DIY Dry Watercolor Marble Nails

You may love the collections of the cool nail art tips, tricks and hacks we’ve shared before, and you must love this waterless trick of marble nail art. Most of us do water marble nails which cost you almost bottles of nail oils and hours of work (sometimes turned out to be a disaster). If you just can’t get the …

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Minions Pictorial

DIY Christmas Minion Nail Art

Putting these Christmas Minions on your nails can really make you shine in your Christmas parties. Check out the picture tutorials how to make it happen. Waiting for your friends to surround you with admiration.

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diy Floral Nail Art

How to Make Floral Nail Art

Nail art requires a steady hand and full concentration, but the result should be well worth the effort. This flower nail art is easy and pretty for spring, girls can combine the colors at your choice. Tutorial Floral Nail Art Pinterest.

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DIY Ombre Nails

DIY Ombre Nails At Home (Video)

Ombré patterns have been everywhere as of late, and it’s not only for home now, let’s see this fun and fabulous ombre nail art look you can do at home. Materials you need: Base coat nail polish Nail polishes for the gradient in the colors of your choice Top coat A cosmetic sponge Scissors plastic sheet and toothpicks You can …

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